This is what some of our patients have to say about us. All of these testimonials have been given freely by visitors to the clinic, with consent to the use of their first name and age.

“I was nervous at first but found the service friendly, helpful and professional. Nick will always make himself available if needed in a hurry.

I am able to walk without pain and feel so much better in myself. I wonder why I haven't been before – I will not leave it so long if I need help again.

Thank you so much for giving me back my life.”


“What I liked most about Stour Chiropractic Clinic is the friendliness of all the staff and being comfortable with Dr Blackwood at all times.

“Even though I had been treated at various clinics before, I was intrigued at the muscle testing which Dr Blackwood did and was surprised by its efficacy.

“I was pleased to have come to the practice and pleased with my recovery, which I thought was never going to happen!

“The fact that Dr Blackwood knew what was wrong with me and he said he could help me was just fantastic.

“I would (and do) recommend his service.

“I cannot say strongly enough how fantastic Dr Blackwood has been in my rehabilitation. I had almost given up when I crossed the threshold and asked for help (which, incidentally, he booked me in later the same day).

“I had seen so many doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, spine specialists, you name it. No one helped me until I saw Dr Nick!

“Seventeen years of pain, slowly and surely eliminated.”


“The thing I like most about Stour Chiropractic Clinic is the friendliness of the staff, the relaxing environment and the service.

“I knew what Chiropractic was about before going to see Nick, but new xxxx often find it strange at first but soon realise the benefits.

“I always feel better after my treatment. It's an excellent alternative to the NHS diagnosis which can often take time and you are given old fashioned remedies or antibiotics, etc.

“Additionally, I always have a laugh with Dr Nick!”



“Everyone is friendly, polite and helpful. I hoped the treatment would be good, better than the treatment I had before elsewhere.

“I found effective pain relief and treatment. I'm very happy with the overall service. I trust Nick and trust that he knows what he is doing properly. I feel comfortable in coming here and don't plan on going anywhere else.”


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